Our Experience

“I wanted to share our tremendous appreciation for the work that you have done on a number of very high profile Federal deals this past year.

Your support for these Federal Government opportunities has been absolutely critical to our ability to foot a bid/response each time.  These are large, complex and resource-intensive bids that the account team could not manage on our own.  Your attention to detail, as well as project and resource management capability has been invaluable.   In covering both Federal Government and a number of Quebec-based public sector accounts, you have a unique familiarity with the intricacies of public sector bid process, and your multi-lingual capability allows us to confidently meet bilingual requirements as well.

Government business knowledge and dual-language capability are very important skill sets to this team, and they are skills which are not easily replaced.”

– Canadian Federal  RFP Account Manager

“This was amazing. We (I), could not have pull off a response with such quality, accuracy and appeal in the time provided to us. It was such and relief to know we had such support and leadership. I have worked at other organizations and they have nothing to compare to your proposal service offering – what we received from your team was the best ever!!!

   – US Commercial RFP Strategic Accounts  Account Manager

“We very much appreciate  support on this opportunity. Your efforts and your ability to keep us organized across such a complex response to qualify for Canada Government’s future supply arrangements have been critical to our team – we’ll keep you posted on next steps (RRR followed by RFP) and look forward to our continued work together.”

– Canadian Federal  RFP Account Manager

“Appreciate your support and professionalism. You are the best proposal manager I have worked with in some time.” 

 Canadian Federal RFP, HPC Solution Architect

We really appreciate the support! We would not have gotten a professional response done in time without the help!” We really appreciate your support!  You do an awesome job

– Canadian Federal  RFP Account Manager

“Great service — vital component to responding to RFPs from customers.”

– US Commercial RFP Enterprise Account Manager