Proposal Development


Proposal Managers

From pre-RFP proposal planning through proposal delivery, our senior proposal managers direct the proposal team of authors, engineers, subject matter experts, desktop publishers, vendors, and subcontractors.

Our proposal management support includes:
• Develop pre-proposal and proposal plans and schedules; reviewing these plans with the Account Manager; and using them to manage the effort and provide continuous visibility into proposal status
• Consult clients on bid and proposal strategies
• Apply knowledge of word class proposal processes and tailor these to the internal client’s needs
• Analyze the RFP and amendments and creating the proposal outline, proposal design and style templates, and RFP compliance matrices
• Organize and lead a response team
• Ensure team members understand their roles in the proposal and provide needed information
• Organize and run kick-off and subsequent meetings
• Assist in developing themes and identifying discriminators
• Direct proposal writing and integration of proposal sections
• Establish and manage proposal schedules, plans, deadlines, and progress
• Developing color team review plans and leading preparation for proposal reviews
• Generating proposal “lessons learned” summary at proposal completion
• Consult clients on Non- Solicited proposal development

Proposal Coordinators

Our proposal coordinators assist the proposal manager by providing the following services:

• Determining formatting and production-related requirements of the RFP and establishing (in conjunction with the proposal manager) formatting directives, production guidelines, publication deadlines, and production schedules
• Coordinating the proposal effort among desktop publishers, graphics personnel, and authors
• Assisting the proposal manager in developing/maintaining proposal schedule, plans, outlines, and assignments
• Establishing the configuration control process and maintaining version control of proposal text and graphics iterations
• Establishing and maintaining the graphics log
• Setting up and managing the collaborative portal if necessary (e.g., SharePoint,)
• Coordinating special-access badging requests for consultants and other proposal team members
• Creating and maintaining the proposal team contact list
• Handling all meeting logistics and taking and distributing meeting minutes
• Coordinating/scheduling meetings, conference calls, email notifications, and updates to the proposal team