Proposal Writing and Editing

Proposal Writers

Our proposal writers integrate with the proposal team to write compliant, clear, and persuasive proposal text for a proposal section or an entire volume. Many of our writers specialize in interviewing subject matter experts (SMEs) and compiling the information, creating compliant content from existing or “problem” text, or developing and writing specific sections of proposals, such as resumes, past performance, and management plans. All of our writers can provide the following:

  • Identify information needed to draft a section from a completed storyboard or annotated outline
  • Interview subject matter experts to obtain required, in-depth informati
  • Perform basic research to obtain needed information
  • Synthesize existing source material for use in a proposal section
  • Organize topics for a particular proposal section
  • Map allocated requirements to subsections
  • Identify and sketch out graphics
  • Incorporate review comments while updating or improving sections
  • Compare with related sections to ensure consistency
  • Ensure work incorporates proposal’s strategies, themes/discriminators, and technical/management features and benefits
  • Ensure work is compliant and within allocated requirements

Proposal Editors

Our editors work with proposal writers to ensure that the proposal presents a consistent style, format, and logical flow and organization. Depending on the level of edit requested and as dictated by the time available for the edit, our editors:

  • Develop and/or enforce a proposal style guide
  • Correct all errors in spelling, punctuation, format, and grammar
  • Suggest revisions relative to compliance and consistency
  • Work one-on-one with proposal writers
  • Revise and improve sentence construction, organization of ideas, clarity of thoughts, and conciseness of words